What We Do

A Chance to Change

Opportunity for Change is a community interest company (CIC) with a focus on providing a second chance for drug-free ex-offenders who want to turn their life around. With links in the construction industry, our mission is to provide a bridge into training and employment for those who are nearing the end of their sentence. Not only does this enable ex-offenders to gain independence and a brand new start, but it enables them to build confidence and credibility as skilled labourers.

Construction Industry Links

With construction industry networks, Opportunity for Change offer recognised trade qualifications along with paid employment in full-time jobs for ex-offenders. Getting a foot in the door and training ex-offenders is all that many need to realise the chance of a new career. This brings financial and many other benefits that come along with this and which allow those leaving prison to rehabilitate into the community effectively.

Skilled and Professional Support

Staff at Opportunity for Change offer professional support and help to ex-offenders at this transitional time in their lives and understand the difficulties faced by those leaving prison. This expertise is a key ingredient in ensuring ex-offenders get adequate support and help to make the change into training and work. With their valuable links with training providers and employers the organisation is perfectly placed to enable those leaving prison to take that first step into a paid work position.

Who Should Apply?

If you are coming to the end of your sentence and are drug-free and motivated to want to change your life and have a fresh start then this programme could be the ideal opportunity. If you would like to become one of the many skilled labourers that successfully gain qualifications in construction and set yourself up for a new career when you leave prison then you may wish to enquire. Alternatively, if you are the relative, partner or friend of a person due to leave prison you could recommend that they look at Opportunity for Change to see if it could be suitable.

Better Communities

The benefits of the programme are not only the provision of jobs for ex-offenders but the increase of more skilled labourers in key jobs which build the economy of a region. More importantly, when training for ex-offenders is undertaken that leads to real paid employment there is much less likelihood of re-offending, and this supports a decrease in crime rates and a safer community for everyone.

The reasons for offending are often complex and many people have made mistakes that they regret and just need a chance to move on. In supporting ex-offenders Opportunity for Change recognise that many people in this position can go on to have structured and independent lives if they are given the right amount of support at just the time when it is most needed. Therefore, our programme targets people during the period before they leave prison which is the time which is most productive in terms of setting up training and job opportunities.