Making donations to Opportunity For Change

How your donations can make a difference?

By supporting Opportunity for Change you can make a huge difference to the lives of ex-offenders who are looking for a second chance to turn their lives around by gaining construction skills and trade experience. The team of staff at our organisation work tirelessly to support those coming to the end of their prison sentence so that they can be given a chance at a crucial transitional period in the months before they leave prison. However, to continue this valuable work, Opportunity for Change needs to constantly raise funds to ensure we can give help to as many people as possible.

What your donations will fund?

Some of the running costs that are required to keep the program operating smoothly are things like the costs to transport offenders to and from the construction sites then they can gain the experience they need to find fully paid work when they leave prison. Donations from our supporters mean that we can provide:

Transport: as the prisoners have no income we need to ensure they are able to get to and from the workplace to enable them to consistently pick up the skills they will need to succeed and become CSCS Skilled Labourers.

Personal Protective Equipment: the candidates who come on our program need the right gear and we ensure that every aspect of health and safety is fully covered. Therefore, in order to be able to work at a construction site they need to be equipped with personal protective equipment or PPE.

Training: we offer ex-offender jobs and a chance to obtain construction qualifications and training. Donations go towards the costs of enabling participants to attend a prison training program and gain the skills they will need to move forward.

Reasons to Donate

Not only will your donation support individual prisoners to undertake training and gain qualifications and jobs as CSCS Skilled Labourers, but it will also build confidence and is designed to give those who are motivated to change a second chance at carving out a new life for themselves.

Another benefit is that the chances of re-offending decrease when a prisoner is given an opportunity of becoming self-sufficient and financially independent, and this contributes not only to a better community but to the economy of a region.

By supporting our organisation in this way you will touch the lives of many people who may have been disadvantaged and who come from complex backgrounds that have resulted in a prison sentence. However, many ex-offenders are able to make significant life changes with some support and guidance from those around them, and this is where your donation can make all the difference.

Candidates who attend the prison training program have a chance of real ex-offender jobs that are professionally structured to build up their credibility and experience as a valued employee. This has a knock-on effect leading to earning money, gaining independence and ultimately functioning in a positive way in society with real prospects.

Please donate today

Without the much-valued donations of our supporters some of our beneficial programs may not be able to run as effectively, so please do not hesitate to donate what you can to enable us to continue offering this service to ex-offenders.

We see lives changed on a regular basis by this constructive and focused method of working with ex-offenders and know that this is one way to keep people out of prison and give them a new purpose in life.

Donations can be made to Opportunity for Change at any time and you can be assured that your money will go towards a much needed and very worthwhile cause.