About Us

We train hundreds of prisoners in order for them to take up paid work in the construction industry. This will contribute to a significant cut in reoffending and will help keep communities safe.

We aim to provide prisoners and ex-offenders the opportunity to change their life around. With full-time employment and a legal income, they will not have to return to a life of crime. By providing full-time employment for prisoners and ex-offenders we will Reduce crime in our communities making them a safer place to live.

The Construction Industry will also benefit by reducing its shortage of lower skilled trades which will increase productivity.

Opportunity for Change also helps to reduce the Strain on both the Taxpayer and the Government.  Sourcing offenders, full-time paid employment will mean that fewer people will be dependent on state benefits. It will also Increase  TAX revenue with the contributions the ex-offender will be making upon release and will also Increase the contributions to the Victim Support Fund as all offenders working during the last year of their sentence are taxed 29% which is paid into the Victim Support Fund. This has been proven to be a success in its on right as since being introduced in October 2011 the scheme has raised over £5.38m.